Intro Sequences for Google Developer Studio

State of the Web, on the Chrome YouTube channel
Rick Visconti, the host of this show, wanted this show to use infographics and engaging visualizations to give audiences a behind-the-scenes look at the “macro trends that are pushing the web forward in the areas of performance, security, publishing and more.”
I wanted the brand to convey the idea that Rick was taking viewers “into the web,” essentially, while also relaying that the show would be data-driven, forward thinking, and just plain cool.
The intro sequence pairs simple, flat designs of infographics with a quick and compelling narrative that the show will navigate in and out of the web, with sensitivity to multiple devices. And I used Cinema 4D to create a digital, 3-dimensional space that essentially was the inside of the internet, and set up two cameras to create the backplate for the series. This backplate also informed the thumbnail design for the show.

Process & Inspirations


Miscellaneous social sticker designs

Machine Learning Recipes, on Google Developers YouTube Channel

Pivotal Cloud Foundry, on Cloud YouTube Channel

Noma Bar

As an assignment in the Communications Design department at Pratt, I designed this intro sequence for a fictional TV show that spotlightes the work of a particular graphic designer in each episode, using that artist’s work as inspiration for the aesthetic. This sequence honored the work of illustrator and designer Noma Bar.