Mapping Redhook

Realm: Placemaking, Research, Branding, Design
Role: Researcher, Designer
Team: Caroline Matthews, Tania Lili, Kristen Myers, John Olson, Alejandro Torres, Miriam Bowring, Elizabeth Montgomery, Yojna Shetty, Annie Sexton

Red Hook in Brooklyn, New York was one the regions most affected by Hurricane Sandy. Parts of the neighborhood were submerged under up to 10 feet of water, had no electricity, heat and hot water for up to 17 days, and had limited access to food and aid. A lack of immediate on-site federal aid contributed to many Red Hook residents feeling neglected and unsupported. Mapping Red Hook is the result of a three month collaboration between Pratt Institute and AIGA DESIGN/RELIEF made public. Pratt graduate students assisted the AIGA DESIGN/RELIEF Red Hook team by conducting on-site mapping and research in preparation for a community-info HUB project initiated by AIGA.