Matters of Feminist Practice

Scope: To design a visual identity for a new publication of feminist criticism from Belladonna* Collaborative, and apply this system to a printed journal and an online website.

Matters of Feminist Practice
brings together scholars, writers, poets, and artists of different identities and backgrounds to confer on the urgent topic of “feminist practice” through seven topics: the body, the quotidian, hybridity, language, documentation, environment, and conflict. It would first exist as an in-print collection of twenty-five scholarly and creative-critical pieces; subsequent volumes would be published online only.

Belladonna* primarily publishes books of poetry and creative nonfiction. MFP was the organization’s first journal of critical nonfiction essays. I strived to create a design system that spoke to the ideas of process, interconnected intention as it relates to an individual and a larger community, and the fluidity of identity. The foundational imagery includes an image of the letters “MFP,” handdrawn and looping into itself and across the canvas. These lines extend from the cover page into and throughout the book, framing the chapter spread designs.

The design system allows the color of the line or the background to change, even to feature photography or illustration around it, emphasizing that brand identities must flex and adapt to the content, not the other way around.
The typefaces in the brand system -- Mrs. Eaves and Geometria -- were each designed by women designers, and together bridge traditional and modern approaches to typography. 

Promotional flyer

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