Cash App Awareness Campaign

Role: Art director, designer, animator, creative strategist
Team: Lauren Schonzeit (ACD), Kate Catinella (Copywriter), Richard Moot (Developer Advocate)
Output: Video ads, video tutorial, email design, blog design, homepage assets, newsletter assets

In this cross-channel campaign, we needed to grab the attention of a developer audience to announce a new payment option avaialble for Square users, and relay the simplicity of integrating the feature, all while finding the overlap between Square’s buttoned up and streamlined brand, and Cash App’s relative transgressive one. 

Our working group collaborated closely with brand, marketing, and developer teams across both Square and Cash App to develop multiple approaches to the camapign that varied in tone and design, and ways of scaling across the deliverables. We then zeroed in on the two concepts that were strongest, as well as most different from one another, so that we could A/B test them to learn more how our developer audience responds to playfulness vs WHAT, entertainment vs instruction. The result was that we produced one of the most creative projects our team has done to date, and learned invaluable information about our audience that would go on to inform the foundation for the Square Developer brand refresh.

Ads (A/B tested)

YouTube Tutorial

Second most popular video on our channel; has 2x as many views as the third most watched video.

Cash App Precedents

Art Direction


On set

Online Payments Homepage

As part of the project, our team also designed a one-of-a-kind interactive game for TikTok that walked the line of adopting a TikTok attitude, but delivering substantive content for a technically-minded audience. The game ultimately was not realized for logistical limitations, but demonstrated our team’s ability to create innovative, experimental, and genuinely fun content.